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Assessment for Sexual Compulsivity or Aversion

Do you think you or someone you know might have problems stopping romantic or sexual thoughts or behaviors - commonly referred to as sexual addiction or sex addiction?  Or perhaps is terrified of sexuality, being sexual or physically intimate - sometimes called sexual anorexia or sexual aversion? Or may be at risk for harmful behaviors? Please be pro-active. These problems don't just go away on their own when ignored.

questionnaires you'll fill out are only available to Certified Sex Addiction Therapists, and combined with a clinical interview, can help you decide if you are sexually addicted or anorexic, how severe your sex addiction might be, and  give you some resources to begin healing.

If you think you are sexually out of control or have other sexual concerns:

No Cost:  You can go to several different 12-Step non-professional groups. Check your local phone book, on the web, or the hospital crisis lines or Hotlines. Some to look for include SA, SAA, SLAA, SCA, CSA (for the addict), and S-Anon, COSA, CO-SLAA and CODA (for the family member).*

Low Cost:  You can ask hospitals and crisis lines and give you names of low-cost professionally facilitated groups, or individual therapy, or counselors who take insurance.

Some Cost:  You could be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses when you see an out-of-network provider. Many of my clients are able to receive authorization for a number of visits for the year (e.g. 20 or more).

Self-Pay:  If you want complete confidentiality and are willing to pay for expert, clinical assessment and treatment, then please contact Anna Valenti-Anderson at 623-695-0064, or send an email to schedule an appointment for a Sexual Assessment.  Your assessment usually consists of your coming in for a face-to-face session, completing a few questionnaires online and on paper, and then meeting for a second follow-up session to review the questionnaires that measured your risk for sexual addiction/anorexia, post-traumatic stress symptoms, related neurotransmitter linkages, and severity of symptoms and tentative treatment recommendations.  YOU make the decision to continue therapy or follow-up.

  • You, the client, must call to schedule the appointment or to speak with one of our representatives. Although it's tempting to call and give us the phone number or email for your loved one, we only call clients.
  • Partner and Family Support: If you suspect that your partner or loved one has sexual dependency or anorexia issues, please find support for yourself. This might include your own individual therapy, reading some suggested recovery literature, or attending your own 12-Step meetings (such as Al-Anon, S-Anon, COSA, CO-SLAA, CODA, SLAA, ACOA, Emotions Anonymous). This helps YOU maintain your boundaries. Remember, you cannot force someone to be well.

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In the case of a LIFE-THREATENING
emergency ALWAYS call 911 first.

* Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous,
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, Compulsive Sex Addicts Anonymous,
Codependents Anonymous.

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