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Anna Valenti-Anderson


Anna Valenti-Anderson




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Basics Group

  • for those starting to want recovery
  • talk about what's going on in a safe place

Phase 1 Group

  • 4 months (generally January through April)
  • for those starting recovery
  • explore the causes of Developmental Immaturity / Codependency (family of origin, childhood trauma, relational experiences, neurobiology and genetics, nurture & nature, cultural norms & expectations)
  • explore the consequences of sexual compulsivity and codependency
  • learn about relationship dynamics, secondary gain and power/control issues (Victim Pain or Victim Anger)
  • Must have already completed previous group or with authorization from facilitator.

Phase 2 Group

  • 4 months (generally May through September)
  • for those interested in exploring the Arousal Template and Eroticized Rage, and identifying Personal Triggers
  • develop a Recovery Plan and increase Relapse Awareness
  • Involvement in 12-Step community
  • Sponsorship and Service
  • Must have already completed previous groups or with authorization from facilitator.
Phase 3 Group
  • 4 months and longer (genrally October though December or January or longer as needed and preferred by GROUP CONCENSUS).
  • long-term support group
  • explore Healthy Coping skills
  • discuss challenges of Sober Daily Living
  • practice interactive Social Skills in a structured group setting
  • continued education about codependency
  • learn about healthy sexuality, intimacy and courtship
  • develop a Healthy Dating/Sex Plan
  • Must have already completed previous groups or with authorization from facilitator.


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Serving: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Tempe, Glendale, Surprise, Goodyear, Chandler 



In the case of a LIFE-THREATENING
emergency ALWAYS call 911 first.


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